One thought on “Appearances

  1. The back in forth between Mr. Fine and Mr. Dimon is neither productive or even educational for the community bank or community banker. The issue is both gentlemen continue to miss the point. Mr. Dimon is trying to protect the “Too Big to Fail”, Wall Street bank that does not have any compatibility with a community bank. Mr. Fine continues to play a false game with members concerning what a community bank is. ICBA will continue to suggest that a $4 billion, 4 state, 24 county, 114 branch organization is a community bank. Example; let’s advocate for an increase to $20 billion for a “Small Bank Holding Company”, rule. There is almost nothing in a bank of this size that says community!

    The reality is that if ICBA would push advocacy toward regulatory relief for “real”, community banks, say for example, one or 2 states, a few counties, under maybe $500 MM, then we would accomplish significantly more. By the way, this focused advocacy would represent more than 90% of the ICBA membership. Think I am wrong?

    Walk into a congressperson’s office, representing a “real”, community bank that has 3 or 4 branch offices in his district and then explain how without regulatory reform, the community bank will not be around to provide business loans for his constituents. Then have the so called $8 billion community banker come in that has offices in a number states representing numerous congressional districts, and have that banker make the same statement.
    Community bank regulatory reform is doable and quickly if we get real!
    Jon A. Edney
    Community Valley Bank

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