Small Business is Our Business

Community bankers have a positive story, and we love to tell it. So it’s always a pleasure when others help us get the word out about how community banks contribute to our communities and help local small businesses thrive. And that’s been the story this week as community banks and other small businesses across the nation celebrate National Small Business Week.

Slated to run through this Saturday, National Small Business Week recognizes the important role small businesses serve in our economy. Of course, as prolific lenders and small businesses themselves, community banks are a key component of the celebration. As part of the festivities, the Small Business Administration named First American Bank in Artesia, N.M., the 2012 Community/Rural Lender of the Year. The Small 7(a) Lender of the Year award was a tie between Open Bank of Los Angeles and Premier Commercial Bank of Anaheim, Calif.

Needless to say, it’s been a feel-good week for community banks and other small businesses. Community bankers have been using customizable public relations resources from ICBA to spread the word about National Small Business Week. And the good news doesn’t have to stop on Saturday. ICBA launched its “Go Local” initiative to ensure that the message of banking and shopping locally is out there all year long.

Community banks have a good story to tell, and we enjoy telling it. So let’s make sure consumers, small businesses and everyone else hears us loud and clear.

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