ICBA Convention Recognizes America’s Financial Foundation

Last week several thousand community bankers met in San Diego at the national convention of the Independent Community Bankers of America. It is always a reminder to me of the honor and privilege it is to represent the interests of these fine people here in Washington, D.C. They never forget who they are or the relationship banking model they follow. They are the financial foundation of our great country, because they lay that foundation, brick by brick, community by community every day. We here at ICBA are proud to say we represent community bankers exclusively.

Community bankers are the men and women of Main Street America. We are the backbone of this nation’s entrepreneurial spirit. We are the engines of change, prosperity and jobs in America. We are the fabric of which the American Dream is made. We are community banks. We are ICBA.

One thought on “ICBA Convention Recognizes America’s Financial Foundation

  1. Mr. Fine – I just read your comments in the San Diego Union Tribune. As a granddaughter of a small business man, who took out his very first loan in the 1940s to build his small business in order to put the first generation of his family to college, I have always admired his sacrifice and the small town bank that made it possible. I became a school teacher at age 34 because I had worked in the commercial insurance business for ten years and looked around one day in that big brokerage house that I worked in, and realized there were very few role models that I strived to become like in and all around me. The company tab lunches, the martini golf rounds, the bonus drunken weekend stories all the producers would come back from…. Knowing full well that big umbrella insurance companies and clients funded this sort of “business expense”. If these adults were going to act like children, I thought I might as well work with real children and left the insurance industry. I read Dave Faber’s “When the Roof caved in and was just not surprised at his findings, especially when it came to the rating agencies, AIG, Lloyds. I was outraged about the insurance industry when I was in it and got out, and I am still outraged now that after the facts, after the findings the “too big to fail” banks have more than recovered from their brief hand slapping and we sit here waiting for something to happen to people who did not assess, identify, and weigh risks, but instead just passed paper through to get everything written – I mean everything. Their simple hand slapping, is but a mere memory. Thank you Mr. Fine for keeping the facts about these “too bigger to fail” in the conversation. Those banks, insurance companies, mortgage brokers,rating agencies are banking on all of us forgetting. When this new generation born after 2001 can’t go to college because those 401 K’s we set aside went belly up and only bankers kids get to go to college, my grandfather will roll in his grave. Mr. Fine please keep your voice loud, high and speak often about these swindlers!!!

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