Love is in the Air for Community Banks

I’m not one for schmaltzy dramas. For those of you who don’t know, I’m more likely to take in a movie with scenes from Gettysburg or Omaha Beach. But this past Valentine’s Day, ICBA got downright sentimental with a marketing campaign that allows community bank customers to express why they love their community bank.

ICBA’s “I Love My Community Bank” campaign allows customers and small businesses to share their experiences with their community banks. On the “I Love My Community Bank” website, consumers can post comments, photos and video testimonials about their community banking experiences. A special Twitter handle (@iLuvMyCB) will highlight the entries.

The nation’s community bankers have earned a sterling reputation for outstanding customer service, smart banking policies and commitment to their communities. At ICBA, we’re just happy to help community bank customers spread the love.

One thought on “Love is in the Air for Community Banks

  1. Great idea. Now you have to get every bank to encourage their employees to send customers to this site. Run contests and one-day events to see who can get the most clients to give their story. This could be a big boost for morale and business.

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