High Roads and Low Roads

There is no doubt that passions are running high in regard to the financial reform debate.  There are many sides engaged in this generational issue.  And all sides hold firm to their beliefs as to which course is the right course.  Those beliefs reflect the values of those members that each group represents.  ICBA represents ONLY community banks.  Therefore, all our focus is on the best interests of community banks.  ICBA policy and advocacy objectives are developed exclusively by thousands of community bankers nationwide through their community banker leadership.  ICBA staff carries out their polices.

As passions reach a boiling point in this reform debate, it is tempting for people or groups to take the low road to achieve their objectives.  ICBA feels the passion to represent our members’ interests no less than any other person or group.  However, we will do so with integrity and honor.  ICBA will advocate its objectives with facts and lessons learned from the past and will not stoop to denigrate or point fingers at others simply because our objectives may not concur with theirs.  We will give every issue important to community banks our very best effort, and if we lose on an issue, then we will lose straight up.  And when we achieve an objective, we will celebrate with our members.

So during the course of this debate, there will be those who take the high road, and those who take the low road.  At ICBA we believe in high roads and upholding the best values of our member community banks.  After all, ICBA exclusively represents the best segment of the financial services industry—the men and women of Main Street and rural America.  And we will never retreat or shrink from our responsibilities, nor shirk our duty to give our very best to those we represent each and every day.

5 thoughts on “High Roads and Low Roads

  1. This would be news if ICBA had a choice to make, but it doesn’t. The ICBA has ALWAYS taken the high road. Community bankers hold themselves to a higher standard because we live where we work and because most of us firmly believe in doing the right thing. If the ‘big’ banks had believed it as well, we might not be in this situation now. Keep up the good fight Cam!

  2. Cam,

    Bravo! We will stay on the high road – it is much easier when we have strong leadership keeping us there.

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