The Voices of Main Street

 “Only connect,” the novelist E.M. Forster urged people, almost a century ago. And nowhere are connections more important than here in Washington. Thanks to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, thousands of people can gather online in a matter of minutes to voice their opinions. It’s democracy 24/7 and Congress and the administration are listening.

For the past two years, ICBA and our member community banks have been a powerful force in the discussions about regulatory reform, but we now can become even stronger if we can engage our customers as advocates on those issues that affect the well-being of all of us on Main Street. 

Earlier this week we launched the “My Community, My Bank” Facebook fan page. It’s the next phase of our campaign to educate policymakers and the public about the negative consequences associated with too-big-to-fail and the need to rein in the Wall Street mega firms that wreaked financial havoc. 

The whole ripple effect is remarkable.  In just a few days, we’ve gained nearly 600 fans.

If you haven’t already, I’m hoping you will spread the word to your customers, neighbors and friends.  The voices of Main Street, theirs and ours, are too strong to silence and too important to ignore.  

To view the new “My Community, My Bank” Facebook fan page, visit or visit

One thought on “The Voices of Main Street

  1. Mr. Fine,
    I fully admire and support your actions as an advocate for the community banks. I am an employee of a smaller community bank and feel the rage against WallStreet and the Big Bad Banks. They are ruining community banking systems by all of this mess. They were the ones at fault and the community banks are paying for their mistakes. I do believe that there should be segregation based on size or like some of the proposals, put limits on their size. What can I (we as a bank) do to get our voices heard in Washington? WallStreet will be getting a fight back from the community banks because we are tired of getting “trampled” on!

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