As I look out the window of our home in suburban Washington, D.C. at the blizzard, I finally know the true meaning of the term snowblind.

In recent weeks, there are those in our industry in many states who have been creating little letter blizzards of their own, and trying to “snowblind” the community bankers of their states.  Fortunately, nearly all good community bankers see through the blizzard and can distinguish a snow job from the truth.

More on this next week.

“The Winter of Our Discontent”

Looking out on our snow-laden landscape do you think this is what Shakespeare had in mind when he wrote that line? Our record-breaking winter storms reflect the winter of discontent on Capitol Hill.  Now with Senator Corker’s cooperation with Senator Dodd, discontent in the Senate Banking Committee seems to be at an all time high.  It will be interesting to watch these latest developments play out.

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